Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Define a more formal Geomedia language

Each Geomedia interactive command translates into the underlying instructions for the Geomedia runtime system. Rather than define a large number of internal routines, I would like to suggest the formal definition of a GeoMedia Language with its own constructs and ability to specify macros, subroutines and functions.

Whenever an instruction is executed through the user interface, there should be an underlying statement or sequence of underlying statements that correspond to the instruction. Furthermore, the statements or execution should be captured on a log file for the session, so that it is possible to go back later on to see exactly what happened or transpired and provide a means of repeating the sequence of statements.

In general, it should specify different data types and operations among them, control sequences (such as a series of statements, a decision control sequence, and iterative sequences), arrays, assignments and the ability to define functions and subroutines that take parameters. The language should be oriented to geospatial concepts rather than to database or general data processing concepts.

The language definition should be based either on an existing language, or on a brand new language, but deal with the language of spatial concepts, and keep operations such as database queries hidden in the runtime system.

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