Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Automatic Save of Workspace definitions

Many times, GeoMedia appears to be stuck in a loop, and does not respond to any mouse gestures or keyboard input. In that situation, there is no choice but to kill the GeoMedia process. This means that all the work since the time of login, or the time of last save of the workspace is lost.

At other times, after some lengthy number crunching, there is a Windows error, and the GeoMedia process is killed by Windows, with the same unhappy result that anything done until the time of the last save of the workspace is lost.

I suggest that a means of automatically saving the current workspace would save a lot of time, grief, bad temper and cuss words. The ability to specify that the geoworkspace be saved every so many minutes, or every so many GeoMedia operations would provide a solution to this situation.

The backups should include a version number the keeps increasing. If the geoworkspace is relatively small, it should not occupy much CPU or storage space, but it would definitely be a great time saving productivity improvement, and deleting the additional versions, while it may appear to be a chore, is certainly less annoying than having to redo all the work that was lost.

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Shahid said...

More frustrations this afternoon; GeoMedia crashing because of errors (not clear if GeoMedia or Windows but the same inconvenience). If you think this is a good feature to have, please add your voice here by adding additional comments.